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Milia Treatment & Removal

We aim to help you understand Milia. Giving you a definitive description of this common skin condition. We will help you understand what Milia actually is and what causes it. We will also give you advice on what is the best Milia removal methods.

Milia is a complicated skin condition, with its central core being made of Keratin. Examining the various variants of Milia with pictures and facts, this site will both inform you and give you the best advice on treatment and removal of Milia.

Finally, you can be Milia free.

Understanding About Milia

Here we will help you understand the various forms of milia and the medical classifications that they break down into.  Including images for easy identification of the forms of Milia.

Explaining What Causes Milia

Help and advice on what causes Milia.  With this knowledge you can keep your milia at bay.  Milia can be present through hormonal changes, inherited auto immune disorders and more.

Treatment and Removal Of Milia

Here we will explain more about Cerobio Milia removal cream and expand on why and how it is so effective. Designed specifically to treat Milia, if you have Milia, this will remove them.

Primary Milia

Newborn Milia

Secondary Milia

Milia Removal Cream.

The easy solution to removing Milia

Cerobio ® Milia removal cream is specifically designed to be easy to use and is formulated to be gentle on your skin. Order today and get fast shipping anywhere in the world. 

Types Of Milia

There are two types of main Milia, Primary Milia & Secondary Milia

Keratin Cysts

Milia are hаrd, whitе, keratin-filled суѕtѕ thаt fоrm just undеr the skin

Primary Milia

Milia is connected via strands to the actual root sheath of the hair follicle.

Secondary Milia

Secondary Milia originates from the skins eccrine connective tissues.

Sub Category Milia

There are many other sub class Milia from Milia en Plaques to Newborn Milia.

Dedicated Treatment

Cerobio ® offers the best Milia removal Cream available for delivery Worldwide.


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how to remove milia seeds at home

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If you’ve got all the way here, you’ve probably decided to do a little bit more towards getting something done about your skin condition called Milia. This site will give you invaluable advice and understanding on all aspects of Milia. Or maybe your just curious about why you have white head ‘pearl shaped’ bumps on your skin. Looking like white spots, their histology make-up is Keratin. 

The same stuff your nails are made of.Sometimes resembling separate cysts or clustered together, they can appear on various parts of your body. The most common forms of it are when you get milia on the eyelids, or around the eyes and on the nose. Whilst not being as common, it can however appear on other body parts, such as fingers, lips and chins.

It is very common to be present when a baby is born on the nose and genitalia area.

It is a common skin condition, due to its multiple variants, in the adult population, generally causing no pain but it can spread and cause cosmetic concerns for the bearer

What is a Milia Seed?

what is a milia

It comes under Icd9 code ‘Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue and Icd10 in the medical industry Categorization. Its classed as a disorder of the skin appendages. Whilst it is basically classified as a collection of keratin Milia Cysts, these white spots can be broken down into multiple categories and sub categories. The main categories of Milium (singular) are primary and secondary Milia. They are then broken down into sub categories:

Primary Milia is when the Millia are attached to the Vellus Hair.

Primary Milia subcategories, break down into;  

Congenital Milia,

white dots on nose

Also known as Neonatal acne, congenital milia is usually present on new born babies but it can appear on infants at 3, 7 to even 9 months old. As many as 60-70% of newborn babies will be affected by some element of congenital Milia.

The good thing is that on a new-born, these white spots will most of the time, eventually disappear on their own. Classified as Epstein pearls or neonatal acne within the Midwife community, they are nothing to be alarmed of on a new born.

Whilst you fear your child’s Milia won’t go away, it will remove itself over time.  

Multiple Eruptive Milia, (MEM)

milia forehead

This form of milia usually appears due to an autoimmune issue. The issue may be temporary or on going. Puberty and the fluctuations of the bodies hormones can make Milia form on teenagers, (although a lot of the time it is misdiagnosed as syringoma or acne).

Sometimes, when Milia milk spots are present on the face, makeup or face creams are blamed and not the internal hormone changes or autoimmune flare-up.Stress can also be an under lying cause of an autoimmune fluctuation.

Benign Milia,

how to pop milia

This is also an auto immune flare-up of Milia spots. Benign meaning non active and not painful, they are a common result of too much sun exposure.

Added to the hardening of the skin due to sun exposure, when benign Milia are present, the cysts can feel a lot harder than normal.

Due to their keratin histology and form, sun exposure, face treatments and makeup can make them slowly spread, getting to a point where a successful removal plan is needed.  

Milia en Plaque (MEP)

tiny bumps on forehead

Milia en plaque is luckily a rare form of this skin condition. It is quite rare but is becoming more common with adults today, commonly showing up on adults behind their ears, on their eyelid and forehead.

There are no white pearls present a lot of the time, looking more like a small patch of acne or random white skin bumps, they can be recognized due to their usual oval shape.

The condensed form of this milia, makes the milia treatment area a lot more localized.  

Nodular Grouped Milia

home remedy milia

Classified as dermal keratin filled cysts, surrounded by usually a red ‘angry’ surrounding. More sporadic in nature, they appear a lot on knees and elbows mostly, but as is usual with this skin condition, it can just appear out of nowhere and on other various parts of your body.

The nodular grouping comes from a standard Millia, but this time your body is engorging the cyst to try and repair itself. The problem lies that because keratin is the main structure, the white blood cells from the lymphatic system can’t repair the Milia and make it just fall off.

Hence the continual redness around the area and the filling of the white spot with liquid. Your body is trying to remove and treat a skin condition that it made itself not to be removed.  

Genodermatoses – associated Milia.

milia cure

These skin bumps can be the result of an under lying health issue. A lot of inherent, (in your family’s DNA) genetic skin conditions can manifest Milia. Chromosomal, Polygenetic and single gene skin disorders can make Millia appear on your body. Both slipping into being classified as both primary and secondary Milia, Genodermatoses – associated Milia is usually a by-product of a more serious skin problem. A lot of the time it is present next to rosacea.Rosacea is when the skin starts to flush and blush and over time becomes permanent. 

Whilst rosacea is quite common, Genodermatoses – associated Milia is rare and doesn’t affect many people, but out of all the other classifications for these skin cysts, it is the collective term form most Milia, that due to outside influence, mutates outside of the standard classification for Millia white spots.In layman’s terms, if it doesn’t fit in the other classifications, it will eventually be classed as Genodermatoses – associated Milia.  

Nevus de-pigmentosus with Milia

milia in ear

This results from the after effect of trauma to the skin, where it has lost its pigment. Whilst the cysts can be felt to be the cause of the problem, some other underlying issue with hyper-pigmentation (too much melanin) or hypo-pigmentation (too little melanin) is the reason you have these particular ‘skin bumps’.

Whilst it does mostly appear on your face and arms, (the most common sites exposed to Melanin damage), its can appear anywhere where an issue with your skins pigment appears.

This type of milia is very common with people exposed to a lot of radiation, such as nurses and doctors, via the X-ray machines. Luckily these Milia skin bumps are not very common, due to a better understanding of X-ray safety protocols.  

Secondary Milia

Now onto Secondary Milia, where the Milia is held in place via eccrine attachments or for us lay people, anchored within the makeup of the distorted cell, actually holding the Milia bump. 

Disease associated Milia.

whitehead around eye

Like the primary Milium milk spot, this skin disorder is associated with issues with your body. When your immune system is under load or suffering from a difficulty or stress, your body has a habit of trying to adapt. With that adaption the skin can offset various hormonal or immune parameters and this in turn will make your body produce Milia.

Yes, Dna can play a part of it, but usually this form of Milia is due to outside influences and is a by-product of a flare up, whether it be auto immune, or a cellular expression. This can affect us at many times in our lives and so is a common form of Millia cysts. The only difference between this and Genodermatoses – associated Milia, is the way it is attached to your skin.  

Medication- associated Milia

secondary milia drugs

This is the by-product of various pharmaceutical treatments. Whilst it isn’t limited to it, there is a connection between medication associated Millia and anti-fungicidal treatments. You may be trying to remove one skin disorder such as rosacea and find that due to the treatment, Millia ‘white lumps’, take its place.

This can also be applicable to face treatments and makeup. Makeup is commonly used to mask small clusters of Milia, but the chemical formula of the makeup itself, could be causing your Millia seed numbers to rise, thus expanding the Milia removal area and making your Millia worse. Some of the chemical makeups are just too harsh for your skin.

As a good example, whilst some skin treatments for removing acne or syringoma, may make your acne fall away from your face, over time in its place will be, you guessed it, Milia!  

Trauma-associated Milia.

secondary milia trauma

Most trauma by its own nature will induce some level of stress.  This in turn will make you more susceptible to Millia showing up.  On the other hand, with trauma-associated Milia, because it usually involves damage to the layers of the skin, it’s your body repairing the skin cells with the wrong ‘building blocks’.As your skin tries to repair your skin from the trauma, it’s in a flurry to protect and repair you.

Due to the trauma though, especially if it is to the melanin layer of your dermis, your skin can form scar tissue which is embedded with the keratin and then go onto to push the cysts to the surface of your dermis.

Trauma associate Milia is very common if you have this skin condition in the family’s DNA.  Underlying in your DNA building blocks, it will add this to your scar tissue as a form of protection.  When the melanin layer is damaged, then the reproducing skin cells may produce Milia seeds as a by-product.

We hope you got through all that. We said we were here to inform you. Hopefully you’ve got a much better understanding of the complexity of this ‘simple’ skin condition. We will go into more details of other elements of Milia, such as treatment and removal on this site, so fell free to explore and find the ideal solution to getting the best Milia treatment.

milia cream


One of the most common areas for these white spots to appear are under the eyes. This skin condition isn’t painful, but can cause distress with the bearer, due to its impact on their cosmetic appearance.They can feel like hard lumps, due to their keratin core.When it appears on other body parts a lot of the time they can go unnoticed, especially when they behind the ear.

There’s always a level of concern when you have lumps appear on your eyelids. There no need for concern, whilst it will spread, milia under the eyes can easily be removed using our fast and effective, Milia removal kit.

How to get rid of your white spots. 

This is where the various possible advice for Milia removal gets diluted by the internet. Millia extraction at home with some form of needle, may be effective if you’re dealing with one or two cysts and you don’t mind having a raised area after removal.

Extraction only removes the Keratin ‘pearl’ leaving behind the hair or eccrine elements that have produced the Milia in the first place, intact.This is why your Milia returning, is such a common occurrence with any extraction method.  Milia extraction Extraction at home is never the best treatment, due to the surrounding attachment of the Milium still being in place. Leading to Syringoma, sebaceous hyperplasia and issues of acne and infection.

Extraction just makes the accessible surface area for treatment, recess into your face.This in turn,makes the access point to treat and remove the Milia disappear. When you extract the Millia, with some form of extraction tool, the top layer of your skin closes over trapping the ‘problem’ skin cells deeper in the dermis. 

This is why lumps and bumps on your skin will appear after you removed them, with, say a needle. In not such a short time, your Milia are back!

milia causes under eyes

Bumps on the skin, is it a Milia Cyst or a white head? 

The skin is an incredible organ, but as with anything, it can be influenced both from the inside and outside elements. The skin has a tendency to be able to manifest a multitude of lump, bumps and cysts on our body. That’s why Milia can at time be miss-diagnosed as something else. The white spots and the ‘pearl ‘look of Milia helps to narrow the diagnosis down, but with some forms of Millia, it is common for them to be seen as other skin complaints such as;Acne vulgaris, where the skin is red and angry, caused by blockages in the hair ducts and rampant skin infection on a microscopic scale. The white spots of the acne can enhance the chances of miss-diagnosis.

The same goes for flat warts. Different in their molecular make up, they resemble Nodular Milia, due to the inflammation of lymphatic liquid around the condition. There is a multitude of other skin condition that resemble each other. With the most common forms of Milia, the keratin pearl cyst is the best way to identify Milia.  

Milia Treatment 

Treating adult Milia is best carried out once you have a good skin cleaning ritual in place. Regularly washing the affected area, is going to start to do wonders for your skin. If you use make up, minimize its use on the Milia, as it may be the makeup causing the Milium to appear in the first place.

Avoiding extraction methods for reasons previously discussed, the use of a specialist cream can have huge benefits towards treating and getting rid of Milia.

This is why our team came together to make an easy to use solution for the removal of ALL of the variants of Milia. We noticed that the options for a successful Milia treatment on the internet varied from one extreme to another.Our Milia removal cream is designed specifically to remove Milia seeds and their base attachments as well, halting regrowth.  

Milia Removal 

Whilst there isn’t a cure for Milia, it can be removed easily with Cerobio Milia removal cream. A lot of other methods, where there is a more aggressive take on removal, can have the opposite effect and increase the size of your Milia.

Take dermabrasion as an example. It works by removing the top layer of the skin, so your skin comes back healthy and glowing. The problem when this is used to attempt Milia removal, is it might look like it’s gotten rid of the white spots, but it has burst the side walls of the cells next to the Milia bumps. When these cells regenerate, they will already have the building blocks of more Millia inside them.

This is why a lot of people over time will be chasing Milia all over their skin, as each dermabrasion treatment, just moves the problem along. If it’s an easy way to remove your adult Milia you’re after, then you’re in the right place.

We are not some huge pharmaceutical company distributing a generic Milia treatment, chasing profit for shareholders over care for the clients. We are a team of dedicated skin specialists, whose primary goal is making sure the customer gets the best Milia treatment available.

Safe and effective, Your Milia removal kit is delivered straight to your door. Use the cream for a couple of nights to remove your milia once and for all.  


As its been around for so long, Milia has inherently picked up various names along the way. Some people refer to it as Millia. Milium is when there is just one white spot. Neonatal Milia is Congenital Milia, also sometime referred to as white spots. Usually a term used by midwives. Epstein Pearl is used as a pseudonym for the ‘Pearl’ look of the keratin, which is lying under the skin.

secondary milia disease

What is Milia?

Milia spots are pearl like small lumps which can appear on various parts of the skin. Milium ( as a singular ) are usually about 3-5mm in size and are a medically classed as a benign tumor. They are sometimes called milk spots or Epstein pearls. Appearing on a high percentage of the population, you are not alone in suffering from this skin condition. 

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